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    Thursday, May 12th 11:30 AM

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    Marketing by the Numbers

    A Tech Tuesday Learning Lab Workshop

    May 10th    8:30 to 10:00 AM


    Presented by Lorraine Ball of

    Good marketing is all about the numbers. When you don’t pay attention to the numbers what you end up with is award winning advertising which doesn’t sell product.


    Step One: Set your goals and objectives

    •             Web Site: Total traffic, page views, popular pages and traffic sources

    •             Email: Open, click through, spam, bounce

    •             Social: Follow, engagement, and clicks

    Step Two:  Analyze Data

    •             Establish regular review cycle

    •             Look for patterns in data

    •             Test alternatives

    Step Three: Create Action Plans:

    •             Match specific plans to objectives

    •             Focus on one or two metrics at a time

    Stop Guessing!

    Many people believe marketing is an art.  That you have to have a “gift” to do it well.  While creativity helps, Marketing is actually a science.  A well thought out and well measured plan will out perform simple creativity every day


    Start putting your numbers to work for your today!


    Supported in part by Constant Contact and Comcast Business


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  • Stop by and visit our new Small Business Support Center and new home to the Noblesville Chamber's Offices at the Hamilton East Public Library!


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    Pat Fox, Riverview Health CEO Chairs the Noblesville Youth Assistance Program.

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  • Riverview Health at Work

    The Noblesville Chamber is committed to providing our small business community with big business tools for success.   Employee health and wellness is one of those areas where larger employers have had an advantage of scale to offer a wide variety of programs.  To bridge that gap the Chamber, in partnership with Riverview Health, have unveiled an employee wellness program for employers large and small.   To learn more about the Riverview Health at Work progam CLICK HERE

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