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  • Watch the February 11 Candidate Conversations event on Hamilton County Television.

    (21:00) Opening Statements


    1. (29:00) Leadership Style

    2. (34:00) Vision: What will Noblesville look like in four/eight years under your leadership?

    3. (37:20) What is the biggest problem facing Noblesville that no one is really talking about?

    4. (39:50) How are you going to engage the community and get the feedback that is necessary? (Question from Patrick)

    5. (42:00) What specific steps will take you to increase the transparency with the community and council? How specifically will you ensure feedback from the community is gathered and incorporated earnestly?

    6. (45:25) What are your plans to make our city more diverse, equitable, accessible, inclusive and welcoming for everyone within the community and City government?

    7. (48:50) What makes Noblesville a great place to live and work that would attract someone outside the state? (Includes question on housing of all income levels) 

    8. (53:15) Safety: Noblesville by most statistics is a safe city, yet we still see evidence of violence, opioid abuse, and hate. What steps will you take to enhance our level of safety and security?

    9. (56:30) What is your administration’s plan to address homelessness in our city?

    10. (1:01:00) What are some specific ways you plan to make the arts in Noblesville a priority for your administration?

    11. (1:06:00) One of the difficulties of an aging population is loneliness. Children move away. Friends die. The UK has formed a Minister of Loneliness to combat this. What can Noblesville do to keep older minds active and engaged?

    12. (1:11:00) What are you going to do to keep the authentic experience while continuing to develop the character of Noblesville?

    Public Questions

    1. (1:17:00) Considering the creation of some sort of a central location for those agencies and services to meet peoples needs? Facilities such as the Marsh supermarket location, could be used as an emergency shelter?

    2. (1:20:00) How is Noblesville going to develop and be competitive with these other cities while keeping the authenticity? (Shopping, entertainment, dining, etc.)

    3. (1:25:00) What will be your approach regarding advocacy and your relationship building with the folks at the state house and with the Indiana general assembly on issues that affect the community?

    4. (1:28:00) How will you partner with the school system and the public library to serve the community better?

    5. (1:32:00) What would be your philosophy as to your relationship with the council, asking challenging questions, promoting accountability of interested parties, and are there any changes that you would plan to make with regard to the common council?

    (1:36:00) Closing Statements

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