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    The Noblesville Chamber thrives with strong volunteer leadership. Noblesville Chamber Ambassadors provide this key element. The application process assists the Chamber's Board of Directors in expanding and building a solid team to advance Noblesville.
    1. The candidate must be a decision-maker for his/her employer. The candidate must be able to set his/her own schedule. The candidate should be able to commit to the minimum amount of time necessary to fulfill the Chamber Ambassador Program obligations without retribution from his/her employer. 2. If accepted as a new ambassador member of the Chamber Ambassador Program, the new member must participate in an organized Chamber Ambassador new-member training program. 3. The candidate must have a clear understanding of the points per year minimum requirement to remain as a “member in good-standing.” 4. The candidate must have a clear understanding that the Noblesville Chamber of Commerce Chamber Ambassador Program is not a “leads generation group.” Doing business with and for other Chamber Ambassador Program members is acceptable and encouraged; however, lead generation is not the first focus of the Chamber Ambassador Program. 5. The Chamber Ambassador Program encourages community spirit and volunteerism. In addition to the volunteer support work on behalf of the Noblesville Chamber of Commerce, Chamber Ambassador Program and non-Chamber Ambassador related volunteer activities are applauded. 6. Candidate must work for a company that is and remains a member of the Noblesville Chamber of Commerce.
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