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  • What is Peoplocity?

    Peoplocity is communication platform that brings technology and personalized service together in a people-powered customer service mobile application that is changing the nature of the customer experience.    Launched in 2014, Peoplocity is a homegrown Hamilton County technology business.

  • How Businesses Benefit

    ·         Resolve issues privately and directly with customers in real-time

    ·         Save customers before they go the competition or post on social media

    ·         Increase loyalty and retention

    ·         Gain valuable insights into the total customer service experience

  • How Consumers Benefit

    ·         Quickly send feedback to any business, any time, using one mobile app

    ·         Businesses can respond directly to your praise, question, comment or complaint

    ·         Avoid painful web forms, comment cards, or automated phone attendant


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