• Riverview Health at Work

  • Riverview Health at Work offers a wide range of high-quality, customizable, onsite wellness programs to help employers like you create a healthier, more productive workforce.


    Healthy Employees = Healthy Business = Healthy Bottom Line

  • In partnership with Riverview Health, the Chamber is pleased to offer a program focused on supporting the wellness of employers and their employees. The program aligns with the Chamber’s efforts to bring “big business tools to small and medium-sized employers.” The Riverview Health at Work program offers Chamber member employers of any size access to a tiered program of wellness services at discounted rates.

    The Riverview Health at Work program brings you customizable service options, an experienced wellness team and competitive pricing based on national best practices. We believe that in order to be successful in business, your success starts with your well-being and Riverview Health has the resources to make this happen.












    As a member of the Chamber you receive a 50% discount on annual management fees for wellness services. 

    To learn more about Riverview Health at Work contact:

    317-770-4881 or email employerservices@riverview.org 

    or Bob DuBois at bob@noblesvillechamber.com  317-773-0086.

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